Here on Purpose. December 10, 2014

Before we get to our daily reading join with me in these three prayer phases.
1. Tell God how good He is.
2. Be honest with the Lord, tell him what's on your heart (the good, the bad, the ugly).
3. Listen.  You've gotten to talk, now let God.  Ask Him to speak to you through his Word.

"Be still and know that I am God."

John 15:1-8
I realize we read this every day but don't skip this.  This is why we are "here on purpose," so that we may be a apart of Jesus.  
What is God saying to you?
What will you do about it?

Psalms chapters 46-50
Specifically Ps 50:23.  A Thank Offering was given after one of these three things had happened: persevered through a time of distress, follow the completing of a vow, or a religious renewal.  
Have you experienced one of those recently?
If so, how might you offer a Thank Offering to God?

Proverbs chapter 10

Utmost for His Highest