Do You Ever Take a Day Off?

Good Saturday.  Here is what I read today.

Genesis 1
What day did God create Adam?
What happened on the next day?
Isn't it interesting that the very first thing God told Adam to do was to take a day off?  Think of all the things that Adam had to do.  But God said, first I want you to take a break.  God calls this Sabbath. Sabbath is a day off from work so that you can rest and enjoy God.  

Each Saturday I do my best to take a day off.  I stay away from chores, email, phone, and anything else that I would consider work.  I'm taking the day off.  I'm going to enjoy my family today...that's about as planed out my day is.  I hope you will join me.

Here's what I read this AM (Sabbath isn't taking a day off from God but rather leaning into Him even more).
John 15:1-8

Psalms chapter 61-65

Proverbs chapter 13
There are two places where the word "diligent" is used.  
What are the contexts?
(note in Pro 13:24 that as a parent you must discover what is the best "rod" for your child?  For example, my son Luke hates standing in the corner.  Does he get spankings, yep, but the worst thing for my 3 year old is to stand still with his nose in a corner.  Discover what creates obedience in your child.  Why use a "rod" that doesn't work.  The word  "rod" doesn't mean destruction.  The "rod" is used to make your child better, not to defeat them)
What is God saying to you concerning this?  (I didn't ask what you feel but rather what does scripture say?
What will you do about it?

Utmost for His Highest