Are You Loyal to God?

Have you been loyal to God this week?  Or, have you been too busy?  Be careful in calling yourself a follower of Jesus when in truth you have no idea what He says and what He wants you to do.  However, you can change this.  Be loyal to God.  Give him time.  Talk to him and then listen to what He has to say to you.  

I want to do this with you.  Let's begin.

Wow! - Brag on God.
Now... - Tell God your good, your bad, and your ugly.
How? - Quit talking start listening.  

John 15:1-8

Proverbs chapter 19
Pro 19:2
Does this scripture apply to your life?
What is God saying?
What will you do?
Pro 19:15
Pro 19:18 (Discipline vs Destruction)

Psalms chapters 91-95
Each of these spoke to me this AM.  

Utmost for His Highest
I thought todays was a great devotion.  Deep thoughts.