What are You Praying For?

What are you praying for?  This morning I prayed for two things that can only be accomplished by God's extreme favor.  I'd love to share them with you...But not yet:)

Pray all sizes of prayers!  Huge and itty-bitty.  Give it all to God and then TRUST that He is smarter than you.  Let God what He desires with your prayers.  As my 5 year old twins often say, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

So...Pray and then Trust.  

Wow! - Brag on God.
Now... - Tell God your good, your bad, and your ugly.
How? - Quit talking and start listening.
KaPow!! - Look for God's power to follow your obedience.  

Today's Reading:
Ephesians chapter 1.

Psalms chapters 111-115

Proverbs chapter 23

Ezra chapter 7

Utmost for His Highest

Enjoy Christmas Eve,
Pastor Matt