Don't Skip this Day - Here on Purpose

Good Monday!  I hope you will create space for today's reading as I found them to be very thought provoking.  Let's get to it.

First let's start with some prayer.  
Wow! - Give thanks to God.  Read Psalms 136.  In this scripture the psalmist provides a list of things he is thankful for.  What would you list look like?  This could be a thoughtful journal entry for you to consider.  How has God's loyal love endured in your life?

Now... - Tell God all that is going on.  Read Psalms 139.  This is one of my favorite Psalms.  Notice how the psalms ends.  How might this impact your prayer life.  

How? - Stop talking and start listening.  

KaPow!! - Experience God's power as you are obedient to his Word.

Today's Scripture:
Psalms chapters 136-140
Think on Ps 137:6.  Does anything give you more joy than God?  

Proverbs chapter 28
A few verses to ponder...
Pro 28:9, what is the relationship between obedience and prayer?
Pro 28:13, what is the relationship between secret sin and blessings?
Pro 28:22, what happens when a person is stingy?  How will this affect your generosity in 2015?

Utmost for His Highest

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt