A Year on Purpose - Here on Purpose

Happy New Year!  I pray this year would be unlike any other in your life.  May you live this year on purpose!  May you abide in the Lord every day, and in doing so learn more about Him.  May His Word take root in your heart, that you might both hear and obey.  And finally, my you see the power of God in your life as you are obedient to His will.  

Let's begin 2015 with some prayer.
Wow! - Brag on God.
Now... - Tell God about what's on your mind.
How? - Quit talking start listening.
KaPow!! - Experience God's power as you are obedient to His Word.

Proverbs chapters 31 and 1

Mark chapters 4-5
Mark 4:34, "He (Jesus) did not speak to them without a parable.  But privately he explained everything to his own disciples."  This is why, each day, we abide with the Lord.  You can spend your life trying to figure out what God is doing or you can meet "privately" with the Lord and He can tell you plainly.  
Mark 4:41, "Who then is this?  Even the wind and sea obey him?"  The disciples didn't see Jesus for who he was right away.  The same is true for each of us.  The more obedient you are to Jesus' teachings, the more power God displays in your life.  The more power you experience the deeper your understanding of Jesus becomes.  You are on a spiritual journey, not a spiritual sprint!

Ephesians chapter 1
We will be teaching out of Ephesians starting Jan 11, 2015.  
Take your time in this chapter.  What questions do you have?  Chapter 1 is filled with deep truth about God.  Ephesians isn't a quick read!

1 Thessalonians chapter 1

Utmost for His Highest

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt