I lack nothing. Here on Purpose - December 5, 2014

Good Friday morning.  Today as I sat down to pray (both talking and listening) and read the Bible the song Take it All kept coming to mind.  If you're not familiar with it you can listen to it here.


The line worth repeating is "My heart is yours.  My heart is yours.  Take it all.  Take it all, my life in your hands."  

Morning Prayer:
Father, before I even speak a word about my needs and wants, I pause to remind myself that above all, I want my heart, my whole life, to belong completely to you.  In truth, my heart is often broken into fragments, some...maybe even most belonging to you, but other parts hang on to hurts, wicked desires, frustrations, and other things that are not of you.  Father, I choose not to suppress, to push these deeper down inside, but to rather lift them up to you.  Please, take all my heart.  Make it yours.  As I read your Word today my I apply your truth to my life.   Amen

John 15:1-8 
What is God saying to you?

Psalms 21
Notice Psalms 22:1 and 22:18.  Do you recognize these?  Jesus repeats 22:1 on the cross, Matthew 27:46.  And, 22:18 is fulfilled in Luke 23:34.

Psalms 23
Please don't skip this most famous Psalm.  
Notice the first line, "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing." 
Is this your attitude?  
Is Jesus your Lord?  
He can't be your shepherd if you refuse to become his sheep.  

Psalm 25
Specifically 25:4-5
Would you make this your prayer?

Reflect on 25:7
What in your past haunts you?  Remember, don't push down deeper, but rather lift it to your Shepherd, he cares for you.

Proverbs chapter 5
What is God saying in this chapter in the context of pornography and adultery?
Serious question...Is the brief pleasure worth the consequence?
"Take it all.  Take it all, my life in your hands."

UpMost December 5, 2014