Repentance vs Sorrow. Here on Purpose - December 7, 2014

Upmost for His Highest, Dec 7, 2014
"Repentance always brings a person to the point of saying, 'I have sinned.'  The surest sign that God is at work in his life is when he says that and means it.  Anything less is simply sorrow for having made foolish mistakes - a reflex action caused by self-disgust."

Are you repentant (turning away from) sin or are you simply disgusted at your behavior?

Psalms chapters 31-35
Look at what King David wrote  about confessing sin in Psalms 32:3-5, Psalms 32:9
What is God saying to you?
What will you do about it?

Proverbs chapter 7
What is God saying to you through Solomon's story?
What will you do about it?

Stop being sorry and start turning from sin.  Forgiveness is not found is sorrow but in repentance.

Have a blessed Sunday...If you're reading this and haven't made it to worship today, don't forget about our Sunday 5PM worship service.

Pastor Matt