Bless a Foster Family

Yesterday I had a lunch with Jason Johnson, a leading voice in the space of orphans, foster care, and adoption.  Over lunch we discussed the many ways the church in Kansas City can work together to provide care for the families and children who are in the foster care system.

Then, after lunch, I went home to pick up Jenn and the kids for our family outing to Shaake Farms in Lawrence KS.  As we are walking onto the farm we see a young couple who attend New City Church.  What maked seeing them so special is this young couple are foster parents for 3 little boys.  As we walked up the boys were weighing their pumpkins to see how much they cost.

This moment was a no brainer for me.  There was no way I was going to let this moment past.  I received such joy in paying for their 3 little pumpkins.  What a small price to pay to show my support and care for a family who is being so generous with all of whole life.  

How might you follow?  Is there a foster family that you know?  If so, how might you bless them today? Buy them pizza for dinner?  Provide childcare so they can go on a needed date?  Maybe give them a gift card to help with the clothes/diapers that their kids will need?

Yesterday was fun for a lot of reasons.  But being a blessing also made it special.
Have a generous Saturday,
Pastor Matt