Love Always Gives

I'm currently reading a book by Kevin Harney titled, Organic Outreach.  In it Harney writes, "Remember, God so loved the world that he gave.  Love gives.  And when a congregation's heart pounds hard for God, we give of ourselves - our time, our resources, our lives - to love others."

I know this may seem simple, maybe even silly, but it's impossible to be generous and not give.  So, how does one become generous?  They start to give.  

How can you give today?
What can you give?

Will it be your time?  Your experience?  Your talent?  Your money?  
Remember, to be and become generous...
You must do as God did.
You have to give.

Let us know how your 90 Day Challenge is going so far.
It's not bragging.  It's celebrating what God is doing through your obedience AND it is inspiring those who see and hear to do the same.  So, let us know by clicking here -

Have a generous day,
Pastor Matt