So many of us were thrown a last minute curveball yesterday when we found out the local schools would be closed so that we can all go and celebrate the Royals.  Okay...so maybe you will be stuck at work but if you ask me it's better than being stuck in downtown traffic.  

And maybe you are stressed out by trying to figure out what to do with your kids today?  Let me try to turn that stress into thankfulness.  Let's try this.  Today, take a  selfie with you and your kids and post it to New City's Facebook page with #RoyalFamily.

God has been so generous to me by blessing me with my 3 kids.  Isn't it amazing how fast you can fall so deeply in love with someone.  Here's a quick word of truth for you...God loves you more than you love them!  And that's a lot of love.

Be a #RoyalFamily today,
Pastor Matt