14 Families

Here's a quick Chicken Drop testimony from one of our members, Karry.

"I need to say generosity is infectious as well. When we first started out, my grandson was grumpy and didn't want to do the Chicken Drop but after getting caught up in the action of giving them away, he ended up stopping cars on the way back to New City and even got a couple of folks in the Big Lots parking lot handing them frozen chickens. Total 180 on attitude of being generous!"

This is how generosity often happens.  
At first we're grumpy about it.  
Then we try it and it feels good.  
Then, our generosity pours into other areas of our life.  

So, which phase are you currently in?

What a great week to be generous!  
I currently have 14 families who are looking for some Thanksgiving help.  
If you want to provide groceries for a Thanksgiving meal for one of these 14 families, email me at matt@newcitychurch.com and I'll get you the information.  

Pastor Matt