Hope Isn't Faith

I'm learning this. Fear will turn your faith into hope. Let me explain this statement.  

Faith = God will do.  

Hope = God can do.  

Too often I allow fear to change my prayers. I'm praying a big prayer right now. It's too big for me to share in this post. But I walk around this prayer often.

Almost a year ago, while I was praying and reading the Bible, God spoke to me through his Word and told me what was going to happen. Man was I fired up! 

But then I started thinking about all that would go into this answered prayer. All of these thoughts brought fear into my life. Thoughts like: I can't do that. I don't know how to do that. How would I ever... 

Becasue of this fear, my prayers changed. They changed from "God you said" to "God if you want to."  Fear turned my faith (God will) to hope (God could). 

But today is a new day. All my fears are still there but I give them to God. I know that what God said will be.  

That's some of my story. What about you? What has fear talked you out of? 

Have Faith, 

Pastor Matt