You Want to Read This...

My previous blog post was titled A Woman’s Strength.  In that post, I shared an email that I had received about a some pastors I had met during my trip to Thailand.  However, that was the second email I had received about the pastors in that region of the world.  The second email I received was one requesting some financial support that I had offered to send.  

Before I get to the email, let be provide some needed back story.

While in Thailand this past September, I met close to 100 leaders who were from the surrounding countries.  Many of these leaders were facing some sort of persecution.  Of these leaders, there were 10 who were given the title of Administrators.  Each of these Administrators oversee a numerous amount of house churches.  Many of these house churches are separated by many miles which means that these 10 Administrators spend much of their time traveling (by foot or motorcycle) from one region to the next, providing various needs to the members of these house churches.  The reason for the basic needs (food, scripture passages, radios, etc.), is because these things had been taken away once it became known that this particular person/family had become Christian.  These needs are provided by several financial supporters from all over the world who give to their ministry.  This is why they are called Administrators, because they administrate resources as they see fit.    

These 10 Administrators also have families.  And the 10 Administrators have also had their basic needs stripped from them because they are Christian.  So, you have 10 Administrators, with families of their own, who are trying to provide for their own families while also providing support to the numerous house churches they oversee.  

That’s where New City Church comes in.  What I learned is that each leader needs $1,000 dollars a year, a little over $800 a month ($833 for the math wizards) to provide for their families. This would allow them to focus on leading their house churches and not feel the pressure of searching out extra income.  (Which is hard to sometimes find because they are confessing Christians and some people won't hire them).
I left Thailand sensing that New City Church needed to give this $10,000.

Back to the email.

I still felt that God allowed me to go to Thailand so that we could meet this specific need.  But, there is a problem.  New City Church didn’t have the $10,000, hence me replying to Mark when he asked if we would be able to give this offering.  This was my reply...

Please pray for us (New City Church)!  I'm asking the Lord to provide the resources in hopes that we will be able to give the $10,000...  As I read the story you sent in the other email, I asked the Lord to provide the resources so that we can give what is in my heart to give. 

So, to answer your question...I don't know when we will be able to give. I wish I could be clearer, but it is what it is. However, I will let you know as soon as I can. 

Have a Merry Christmas,

That same day…Actually a couple hours after I hit send…God showed up.

I found myself in a conversation with a couple who attend New City Church.  During our conversation, Thailand was brought up.  Then this happened...
Without knowing much at all, this family said, “We feel that God has asked us to give $10,000.”  I can’t say more because they have also asked to stay anonymous.  

Not even 2 hours later God had answered my prayer.  I didn’t have to ask anyone for any money!  God did it!  When this happened I thought of Jesus’ words,

“If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you want, and it will be done for you.”  John 15:7

I hope this story made you smile.  I know 10 men on the other side of the world who just got a tremendous Christmas gift!  

Pastor Matt