We Made It!

First, let me say, how generous the people of New City are. Both families were adopted!  Great work church.  

Back in October we kicked off our 90 Day Generosity Challenge. During this time we set the vision of, let us finish the year moe generous than we started. As a church family, we accomplished this. Over the last 3 months we have blessed numerous people in a variety of ways.  

I hope you have joined with your church family. However, the interesting part of belonging to a large family...A lot of things can happen...And yet, people can choose to only watch and never participate. 

If that has been your story, I want to encourage you to make the last few days of 2015 count.   But what you do is very important.  It's not "what you do."  But rather, "What is God asking me to do and what will I do about it?" 

These 2 questions, "What is God saying and what am I going to do about it?"  have inspired the majority of New City Church to become more generous.  Everytime you and I take the time to answer these 2 question, we will get the same results...Some form of greater generosity.  

So don't stop. Don't go back to your old way. Forward!  Onward, to greater generosity...let the 365 Day Generosity Challenge begin...minus the daily blogs.😀

Merry Christmas, 

Pastor Matt