Generous Praise

 “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift” 2 Corinthians9:15

How huge and powerful that word “unspeakable” is. It means “impossible to express in words”. Here is God again, giving, giving, giving. And this gift is so good, so perfect so indescribable. That gift was the greatest of all, His son, Jesus. Our Lord, Jesus. With a gift like that, we could never out-give God.

I’ve also found myself using this verse when I share my story of how I received the gift of a heart transplant from a young girl almost 18 years ago. It comes to my mind as my gentle husband puts his strong, loving, safe arms around me. As I hear my precious daughter’s sweet voice singing to her adoring Abba Father “You’re my first love, Everything about You is love, Flowing over more than enough, And I love You, and I love You”. And oh the miracle of my curly-haired, passionate, loving son. Almost four years ago this wild child was born into our crazy little family against all odds, as there are only about 70 women with heart transplants who have also had children post transplant.

I could keep adding to the list, but its your turn. Where can you recognize God’s generosity in your life and praise Him for it? Have you received the most precious gift of all by letting Jesus be Lord of your life?


Kari Alejandre