Up Even Higher - Here on Purpose

Today I want to ask you to start with reading Utmost for His Highest.  Please don't rush this reading.  This, in my opinion, is a very deep and thought provoking devotional.  Maybe even do the following: 
1. read the devotion again.
2. write down key phrases.
3. Now... - reflect on why you chose those phrases and offer God your questions or commentary.  
4. How? - move from talking to listening.  Open up your Bible and discover what Father has for you by his Word.

1 Samuel chapters 24 & 26
What might you learn about forgiveness from David?
Don't just gain a new learning...Now, how might this new learning change the direction of your life?

Proverbs chapter 27
Who in your life is making you better?
Who are you making better?

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt