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Two days ago I wrote a post titled, "Huh?".  The post was on the last four books of Judges and how I didn't get it.  Yesterday over lunch with my friend and New City Elder, Charlie Blair, the last four chapter of Judges were brought up and Charlie offered me some insight...Let me pass it along.

Notice verses:

Do you see the theme?  We were made to have authority over us.  We were created to fall under leadership.  When we have no king (Jesus) we tend to do what we think is best...But our best often causes others to think "HuH?".

You and I are no different from Judges 17-21 when we go at it on our own.  Instead, what might it look like for you to fall under the just and prosperous rule of King Jesus.  Today let Jesus be Lord (or boss).

Wow! - Brag on God.

Now... - Tell God about your day.

How? - Stop talking and let God talk to you about your life from His perspective.

Today's Scripture
Proverbs chapter 6

Ephesians chapter 5

Utmost for His Highest

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt