Jesus and the Old Testament

Do you ever think on how the Old and New Testaments work together?  The New Testament does not replace the Old...But rather is how all that was written about came to LIFE in Jesus.  Remember what John wrote in chapter 1:14, "Now the Word became flesh and took up residence among us."  John is telling us that in Jesus the Bible came to life!

So...Let me show you a specific example of this.  If you're a part of the New City family, we call this Learning Up.

This SaturdaySunday, May 24 (the Hebrew day begins at sundown), is the Feast of Shavout which is one of the holidays God commanded (not asked) his people to observe.  Shavout is celebrated 50 days after the Passover (also a Feast that God commanded his people to follow).  So, 50 days after Passover, as the people of God have been delivered from the Egyptians...God gives Moses the Law.  

How does this relate to Jesus?  Great question...In Greek the word fiftieth is Pentecost.  Are you connecting any dots yet?  50 days after Passover, the Disciples were doing what Jesus told them to do, they were waiting for the gift.  However, on this 50th day, or this day of Pentecost, the gift was not going to be more Law but rather God's Holy Spirit...Which would put God's law onto our heart.

Want to learn more?  Okay...Shavout is one of 7 specific Feasts that God establishes in the Old Testament.  However, when you and I hear the word "Feast" we think party.  That's not the idea.  A better word for "Feast" is the word "Rehearsal."  Meaning, God gave his people 7 specific "rehersals" to observe.  Each time we observe these rehearsals we are preparing for the REAL thing.  Remember..."the Word became flesh and took up residence among us."?  C'mon...keep connecting the dots...

God has fulfilled the first 4 Feasts (rehearsals) already through Jesus.  These Feasts are always celebrated in the Spring.  They are:
Passover - Jesus death on the cross.
Unleavened Bread - Jesus' lifeless body being placed in the tomb.
First Fruits - Jesus being resurrected by the mighty power of God.
Pentecost  - Jesus sending His Holy Spirit to His faithful.

Keep connecting the dots...
So...If God fulfilled the first 4 Feasts by Jesus...Is it probable God will fulfill the last 3 Feast through Jesus?  I think so!

The last 3 Feasts (rehearsals) are always celebrated in the Fall.

I'll let you take it from here...But I will wet your appetite for learning by asking you a question.  "What is the sound (don't just answer the question but rather find it in the Bible) that Jesus said would be heard when He returns to His Church?  

A typical way that the people of God celebrated Shavout was to stay awake all night reading the Bible.  So, this Saturday night...How might you learn up from God's Word on the workings of His Holy Spirit?   

Pastor Matt