Types of Trials

This post is the first of three.  Over the next few days I will post on the topics of Trials, Faith, and Temptations.  Each of these devotional blogs will be based out of the book of James.  

Types of Trial

I believe there are three types of trials a person faces.  The first type of trial is the trial you create.  This is the speeding ticket.  You know, those things you find yourself in that although you want to blame someone else, and maybe you do, it’s really no one’s fault but yours.  Yet it is something you must deal with.  This type of trial is simply, your fault.

The second trial is not because of you or anyone else.  It’s just you having to deal with the daily grind of living in this jacked up world.  Types of trouble within this trial include: your ac breaking and costing you several thousands of dollars, you being diagnosed with cancer, or your house being destroyed by a flash flood.  These trials are not your fault but yet they happen and although you didn’t create them nor want them you must deal with them…This is called life.

The third type of trial is the hardest for me to reconcile.  The third type of trial is when someone else’s wickedness affects your peace.  This is when you are hit by a drunk driver, someone hurts your child, your spouse leaves you for another person, or maybe your partner is stealing from you and there’s nothing you can do but take the loss.  These types of trials are so frustrating for me because in the first type I can own my own behavior, in trial two, although it’s difficult I find it easier to trust God because I didn’t cause the pain, nor did you, so all I can do is look to Him.  But here, in this third type of trial I find my anger rise.  This is not right!  This is wrong and justice must be had.  However, James tells me to do the same here as I would in any other type of trial.

“consider it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” James 1:2

What about you, what type of trial are you in?  Give it a name, be able to identify it.  This will help you as you search the scripture to see what God says about you and your trial.  

How will you find joy? There is joy somewhere within this trial.  You MUST NOT miss this for if you do you might not pass the test.

Will you pass this test?  Where have you fixed your focus?  Will you endure or will this trial consume you?  I believe that God has given you every "tool" that you need to endure.  Do you know where to find these "tools" and more importantly do you know how to use them?

That's enough for now...
God bless,
Pastor Matt