Caring for the Moix Family

Good Monday New City Church family.  As I shared on Sunday, we will be using our blog as a way to communicate specific ways for you to bless the Moix family during this difficult time.

If you're not aware of what's going on, let me provide a quick update.  Rachel Moix was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer two weeks ago.  This week, Rachel will begin an 18 week chemo treatment process.  Over the next several months we are choosing to gather around the Moix family and serve them in a variety of ways.  Below are some of the ways we will be meeting these specific needs.

1. Providing Meals:
- If you would like to join in and help provide meals for the Moix family you can do so by clicking this link.  Here you will find a schedule of open days that you can bless them with food.  

2. Cards and Gifts:
- If you want to provide Rachel with a specific gift, flowers, or a card, please contact Jenn Miller for the best way to give this blessing.

3. Prayer and Fasting:
- If you would like to choose a specific day of the week to pray and fast for Rachel you can do this by emailing Trista Voos.

4. House Cleaning:
- If you would like to provide financial resources that will go specifically to the person who has been hired to help clean their home you can do so by emailing Jenn Miller.

5. Other Things:
- If you have other ways that you want to bless them or you have questions please feel free to contact any of our Elders.,,, or

Let the blessings begin,
Pastor Matt