Missionary Monday- Thailand

Hello praying friends,

We got a report from our key leaders. They told me that all of 7 of the families are firm in their faith, since they all have been released from prison.

The authorities have strictly forbid them to not practice their faith at all, and even not allow them to pray for their meals. Here are some points:

1. They cannot go outside of the village together to pray or worship at their rice field. The authorities are keeping watch over them closely every moment. If they find out that the Christians do the things they do, then they will be arrested immediately again. 

2. They have been planning to go to the church thats is in the city. The only problem is that only 2 families are allowed to go at the same time. Not all 7 families can go because of the situation, and its very far also. Almost 50 KM away. 

3. The families can leave the village anytime. The authorities will give them the paper to transfer to the new village. This will cost a lot of money for the 7 families. From moving cost, purchase land to build the house, land for farming, and transfer schools for their children, and among other things.

Please pray for the families and what decision that they will take to solve this problem. They need wisdom from the Lord.