Project H.O.M.E.

Hi Church family,

One of the areas we partner with our community is through Project H.O.M.E. This is a program through the Shawnee Mission School District that partners with Shawnee Mission families that are in need. Here's a recap of the impact you're making.


Hello everyone!

It was great celebrating with you all last Thursday as we recapped this semester. You all have been hard at work supporting Shawnee Mission families in need and your work is paying off! Here are some of the stats we have for Fall 2017.

  • 10 families HOUSED!! (Breaks down to 23 students and 12 adults).
  • 18 families prevented from losing housing (31 students and 18 adults).
  • 47 total families served (including housed and prevented) through Project Home!!! Services include:
    • financial assistance
    • referrals & resource information
    • food bags, hygiene products & clothing given at PH events
  • $23,708 has been donated towards these families! Financial services include:
    • rental assistance
    • deposit assistance
    • debt (past evictions/ utility bills) assistance
    • housing application fees
    • food/ clothing vouchers
    • car repair/ parts

*Not included in the total financial number is the 2006 Kia Sedona that was donated to one of our Project Home families!

  • 100% (40 of the 47 who attended Project Home completed an exit survey) answered YES to question one " Did you find attending Project Home beneficial today?" Some survey responses include

"Didn't know there were people and programs out here that are

willing to help and go out of their way to care. I am so happy.

I see a light at the end of the road"


  "Very, the guys are amazing the things we talked 

about were great :) attended last year & the process

of this is perfect. I love this program, maybe one day

I can volunteer and work with you guys"


 "Even though I have many services all in place, it was still

incredibly helpful. I was able to speak w/ CC to learn

about more services"


"Life is so much easier today after meeting with those who

care and are willing to support families in need"

We cannot thank you all enough for all that you do for Project Home. Each of you have truly impacted the lives of these families and have given them hope for their future! 


Your friends at Project Home