My Stuff or God's Stuff?

"Whole-life generosity - an overflowing life released to God for others." - Overflow: A life refreshed by generosity

Does this definition of generosity fit your lifestyle?  Often, words like "overflowing" and "released" are not how we would describe our personal generosity.  It is more likely that your garage, closet, or junk drawer (everyone has a junk drawer) is "overflowing" and you would like to "release" the mess to someone else.  Garage sale anyone?!?

But what if we began to shift in our generosity?  Specifically in how we think and in what we do.  What if you "released" all your stuff to the purpose of God.  What if God could get His hands on you and your stuff any time He wanted to?  Below I've included a question for reflection from a recent event called Journey of Generosity (JoG).  As you read, I also hope you will take time to reflect.  What is God saying to you?  What will you do about it?

"Am I viewing myself as a manager or trustee of what God's given me, or seeing myself as owner and controller of my own stuff?  Are there things that God would have me manage differently if I acknowledged them as really being His?" - Journey of Generosity