Trip, Tip, Crash, and Lose

"Am I trustworthy to make financial decisions entirely on my own, or am I potentially biased by greed, comfort, or culture in such a way that it would benefit me to share my financial and giving goals with some other mature Christians in my community?  Who might some of those people be?" - Journey of Generosity

"As you excel in everything...also excel in this generous act of giving."  2 Corinthians 8:7

Tying your shoes.

Riding a bike.

Driving a car.

The job you have.

It is a fair assumption that someone helped you learn each of these skills.  So, what makes you think that you could learn to manage money on your own.  If you've never been taught how to handle money...This could be why you might be tripping over, tipping over, crashing head on, and losing.  Will you choose to learn up?  If you want help in this area, I will make the effort to connect you with someone from our church who will be your money coach.  Just email me