Missionary Monday - Thailand

Hello prayer friends,

We want to update you about our 6 brothers in prison for their faith since the 20th of Dec. 2017, until today. At first I was told 5, but now it is 6 in total.

Our leader, S-L*, is one of the six in prison. Our team went to visit his wife recently. S-L's* wife was asked by the police to give 16,000 baht (500 USD) per person in order for all 6 to be released from prison. For S-L*, himself,  the police charged him of distributing 15 radios to the people to listen to the FEBC Khmu program. The police asked S-L's* wife to go and collect those 15 radios back and bring to the police. S-L* did admit that he did distribute to various churches. I told them to take radios that we left at our house church in Vientiane to give to the police. I told the team to not take it from those who got it from S-L*. We do not want the people who got the radios to be discouraged by the police taking away the radios. 

On Jan. 22, 4 of our key leaders went to meet all the wives, fathers, brother, and sisters of those 6 in prison. They encouraged them, showed love, and care. They had a good meal together and brought some gifts to encourage them. Our team reported back that it was a good time, and they were encouraged and saw that our team cares for them, and the 6 in prison.

Please continue to pray for this situation. Will pass along any updates as I get them.



*Name and location have been changed for their protection.