Missionary Monday- Thailand

Dear Friends, 

Since we started the Khmu ministry in 1987, both the radio broadcast and ground work, the Khmu have encountered series of heavy persecution until today. Thank God that He is faithful, powerful, He never forgets and fails His children throughout the 30 years in the Khmu ministry. The total Khmu Christian in Laos were about 6,000 when the Communist regime took over. Many churches were destroyed and Christians imprisoned. Now there are more than 60,000 Khmu Christian in Laos, and more than 300 house churches/churches in 12 provinces! This indicates that God is at work, and may He get all the glory!

From January to December 2017: 

1. We have received 2,013 letters from our listeners. 

2. There have been about 2,093 people, who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of pastors, evangelists, messages in the USB sticks, FEBC Khmu program, and MP4 speaker’s radios with storage, Inside Seminars, Medical missions, and the work of our team inside Laos. These include other tribal groups that the Khmu are reaching out. 

3. There are about 692 people that have been baptized. 

4. There have been 22 new house churches being established, including other people groups. 

5. We have set up 5 border seminars, a total of 587 people that attended and one more on December 26, 2017. About 90 people will attend. A Total of 677 people. 

6. We have distributed about 270 MP4 speaker radios. They are very much in demand. 

7. We have distributed 1,560 radios, and 4,430 batteries to pastors, and evangelists at the border seminar to give to their churches/house churches members. 

8. We have distributed 493 Laos Bible and 112 Thai Bible to our young people at the youth camp. 

9. We have distributed more than 16,000 Bible lessons, and circulated letters written by S* with 7 titles. We give to the leaders at the seminars. They take them back to their home churches to distribute to their church members, and various churches/house churches. 

10. We have set up 96 inside seminars in 11 provinces with 8,529 people that have attended. This includes other people groups that have attended: Laotian, Lao Lue, Iumien, Prai, Hmong, Hakha,Bru, most of them are Khmu. We have 73 people in our team, who have graduated from Bible school both in Thailand and inside Laos, who are doing this kind of work for us. 

Prayer Points: 

1. Please pray for the 7 families who will be planning to move to a new village. Pray that all things will go smoothly without any problems with the authorities. 

2. Pray for the health of K* and me. I plan to see doctor for surgery in January, 2018. 

3. We will plan to have 6 students come to study the Bible with me in the beginning of 2018. We plan for them to stay for 1 month, and then study a couple months in Laos with our leaders. We pray this will work out. 

4. Pray for our medical mission’s trip that will start on February 9th-15th of 2018. 

5. Please pray for our team, especially during December to early January, 2018. They are as busy as they are preaching at many Christmas celebrations all over the country. Pray for safe travels, wisdom, and power from the Holy Spirit. 

6. Pray for urban outreach, especially in the city of Vientiane at Thongpong house church. This year they invited 326 people from various business factories in the city to attend the church. 79 people accepted Jesus Christ, and 21 people baptized. 

7. Pray for the ongoing persecution cases. Pray that all will stand firm in their faith. 

8. Pray for our ongoing financial support. For those who intend to support FEBC International’s Khmu radio ministry, please send your contributions to the FEBCanada office in Richmond, British Columbia. 

In the love of Jesus Christ our Lord, 

S* & K*

*Name and location have been changed for their protection.