Missionary Monday - Thailand

Dear Friends,

K* visited Vientiane on March 29, 2018. 

She visited 2 of our main places of the KCC team, their families, and other families. Most of them are young people who are staying for studying. T* is our house church, S* is where our vocational school is located. From these two places there are about 80 people, and all of their church members are 155 people. This church was not registered and it is underground. By God’s grace we are able to function until today. 2 years ago we tore down all the rooms of the house to have more space. Now it can accommodate more than 200 people and we hope in about 2 years there will increase up to 200 people. Last year there are more than 27 people accepted Jesus through the ministry of this house church, especially those students who are studying at universities, colleges and also those who are working at various sewing factories, hotels and restaurants. They are also bringing their friends to the church. Plus pastor P* and his wife are also reaching out to those young people, and doing the follow-up and discipleship training and etc. 

K* has not been able to visit Laos more than 4-5 years. When she saw them, and their living conditions then she is so concerned, especially, children’s future: spiritually, educationally, economically and socially. She saw the difference between the rich and the poor people in the city of Vientiane. How can the K* who came from villages survive in the capital city of Vientiane? 

At this moment we have 9 places or dormitories for our young people in the main cities of Laos. Now we have been trying to find a plot of land in one province to build a dorm. This new dorm will cover more than 25 house churches. The dorm has 3 main purposes: for students, house church and for a safe place for people who come to get treatment at hospital and doing some trading and etc.

In the love of Jesus Christ our Lord, 

S* and K* Chan