Missionary Monday- Central Europe


This song, this battle-hymn, rings through the small, rural, Serbian village once a month. From the lips of two dozen children this joyful praise rises to the Lord. The words roughly translate to: "UNA, UNA, we are the UNA Kids! We are loved by God, God brings hope to our families, and we are Ambassadors to the World, for God's Kingdom!" They march to the meeting place singing their song, and when they arrive they proudly announce the UNA Motto: (translated) "God is for us, not against us!"


It's a simple statement. Yet even in its simplicity it rings like canon fire against the gates of Hell. For the lie is often passed in Roma oral history- that the Roma are cursed by God for one reason or another. Cursed to live in poverty and cursed to be unacceptable to Him. But here across Europe, by God's grace we are teaching the children the real truth- God loves you. God is for us, and not against us. This is the core of the UNA material.


In both Serbia and Croatia we have several established UNA groups for children. I put a great deal of work into producing the material for these kids clubs. It began as some on-the-side help with some quick sketches. Now its a weekly work with a small design team, 3 translators for 3 languages, and a local print shop. Sometimes it's quite difficult to get everything together with deadlines and all the other things going on here. But seeing the children using the books, singing the songs, and listening to the stories- it brings me joy inexpressible. 

So I wanted to use this prayer letter to share pictures. Please enjoy them and pray for these children. Please pray for the leaders who host these groups. When we arrived last April there was only one UNA Club meeting in Serbia. Now there are three in Serbia and two in Croatia! And remember, you are all part of this ministry too! We need your prayer for these clubs!


So please continue to pray! These are the most important starting steps in these villages. From here we branch out to ministries for teens through adults. We have already started some Bible-studies and "cafe-churches" for teens. To talk, drink coffee, and discuss truths from Scripture.

Thanks as always for praying. May God bless and keep you,