Start Your Week Off Right! - Here on Purpose

Good Monday morning.  What a great way to start your week.  As my old Sunday school teacher used to say, "7 prayerless days makes one weak."  Not so for us!  We are strong in the Lord!

Wow! - Brag on God.
Today I thanked God for the trustworthy men and women He has placed in my life. 

Now… - Tell God what's on your mind.
“I will live because He will live in my place.” Far Away Place, Alison Krauss and Union Station.

How? - Quit talking and start listening.

Mark chapter 9
9:4, “Then Elijah appeared before them along with Moses, and hey were talking with Jesus.”  What were they talking about?  How cool it would have been to be in on that conversation.

9:35, Jesus says about the greatest, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be last of and a servant of all.”  
What is God saying to you by this scripture?
What might you do about it?

1 Thessalonians chapter 5
5:14, “And we urge you, brothers and sisters, admonish (to caution, advise, or counsel against something) the undisciplined, comfort the discouraged, help the weak, be patient toward all.”  
How are you doing this in your daily Christian walk?

Utmost for His Highest

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt