Jesus on Divorce - Here on Purpose

Today we will spend some time on the topic of divorce.  I can remember, when I was just a boy, when a family member got divorced.  He was the first person I knew who had ever been divorced.  It was big deal.  

Today, divorce isn't a big deal.  Not in the sense of shocking news anyways.  Of course divorce affects a lot of people, mostly when children are involved.  But nevertheless, regardless of the pain, people seem to keep divorce as a viable option when marriage problems arise.  That's our culture.  But we are to be in the world not of it.  As a part of our reading we will discover what Jesus says about this topic.  Let's begin.

Wow! - Brag on God.
Today I thanked God for his salvation.  I thanked him for choosing me and for showing me such kindness.  

Now… - Tell God about what’s going on in your life

How? - Stop talking and start listening.

Mark chapter 10
10:2-12, Here Jesus speaks about divorce and it’s implications on the people involved.  
Jesus provides the proper reason for divorce in Matthew 5:32.
He repeats this in Matthew 19:9-12.  Also, in Matthew 19:9-12 Jesus speaks to the fact that some are “given” or called to the single life.  
Paul speaks to his single life and a lot of other marriage topics in 1 Corinthians chapter 7.  

What does this mean for your life?  Have you divorced someone for reasons other than adultery?  Have you been divorced because of your unfaithfulness?  

What should you do?  As I read the Bible, there is only one sin that is unforgivable, Matthew 12:31-32, and that unforgivable sin is NOT divorce or adultery.   All sins, except for rejecting the Holy Spirit,  can be forgiven.  So what might you do?  As with all sin, I think these two steps are essential.  
1. Confess.  Will you agree with Jesus?  Will you agree with Jesus that you broke a vow?  
2. Repent.  Repent is a great gift from God.  It is our way of starting again (not starting over for that thing which we are repenting of still happened).  Repent is agreeing with God that a choice was wrong (confess) and then starting again in the direction of God and His Word.  Read John 8:1-12, and notice Jesus final words, “I do not condemn you either.  Go, and from now on do not sin any more.”  

What is God saying to you?
What will you do about it?

KaPow!! -  Experience God's power after your obedience.  

Ephesians chapter 1
This chapter will be our context for Sunday's teaching.  

2 Thessalonians chapter 1

Utmost for His Highest

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt