The Day After

It's been almost a full day since you watched Removed and the Bateman's Foster/adoption story. So, is God saying anything to you?  How might you choose to Invest In, Walk With, or Become Family for a child? 

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes. I don't know if you will find this to be true, but most of the time giving money seems to be the easiest form of generosity.  So many other expressions of generosity require a lot of...You.  

Who needs you today?  What conversation?  What phone call?  What visit to a sick family member?  What hurting friend?  All of these require time...Your time.  

And I will make a huge miss if I didn't remind you who we always talk people toward.  Jesus. Jesus is the answer. Jesus has the answer. Any other thing will lead you/them right back to the same situation. 


Pastor Matt