Two Steps - Here on Purpose

This will be quick because...Well, if you're reading this it probably doesn't apply to you.  But maybe you can use this to help others who are having a hard time finding their way.

Over the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to have many spiritual conversations.  These conversations have varied on topic but they have a common core problem.  The people that I have spoken to are lacking in two key areas of spiritual growth: 1) Reading the Bible and 2) Walking Alone.  

If you want to change your spiritual direction consider these two steps.  Allow God to speak into your life by reading His Word (oh...not just read but also do what He says, John 14:15).  Next, and I have it "next" on purpose, is to walk with others who are ALSO reading the Bible and allowing God's Word to speak into their life.  

So...Let's get to it.

Wow! - Brag on God.

Now... - Talk to God about your life.

How? - Stop talking and start listening to Him as he speaks to you by his Word.

1 Samuel chapters 4-10

Proverbs chapter 12

Utmost for His Highest

You've taken step 1...How will you work out step 2?
Pastor Matt