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I want to share with you something that I journaled yesterday.  I don't know if it will make sense to you but I feel this is something I have recently learned.  I want to set it up by sharing an idea that my mentor Dan has shared. - If people are honest with themselves they would admit they are: 1. headed into a crisis, 2. in a crisis, or 3. coming out of a crisis.  

Let me be clear.  No one ever picks crisis...we alway have and alway will pick peace and comfort.  And, for this reason is why I journaled this last night.  I would love any comments or feedback or personal reflection.  Email me at

Journal Entry March 10, 2015

I want to go deeper. That’s what my friend ______ said. But I don’t think going “deeper” is up to _______. Or me. Or you.

Going deeper is up to Jesus. And when he want’s to take you “deeper” I’m not so certain you have a choice. I think he kinda pushes you into the “deeper.”

When you and I say, “deeper” we have something in mind. But it in no way means the same to Jesus. Our “deeper” has more to do with us feeling more spiritual, holy, or something like that. Jesus’ “deeper” is well…dependence on Christ and Christ alone. 

Peter, walking on water…Jesus took him deeper, if not for Jesus he would have drowned. 

I don’t even think “deeper” can be summed up as obedience. If so, your perseverance/piety/self-denial could take you deeper. No…”deeper” is a complete dependence on Jesus. Christ and Christ alone.

Here is truth. If Jesus approached you and said, “Here’s what I need to do in your life to bring you into a deeper relationship with myself.” If Jesus then laid out what he was about to do/allow in your life…I am certain, even to the most spiritual person, there is NO WAY they would agree to Jesus’ “deeper” plan. 

This is why Jesus doesn’t ask. He just does. And boy do we go under. And like Peter, if not for Jesus we would drown. We cry out to him for help. We cry out to him for peace. We cry out to him for justice. There’s NOTHING we have to offer that will rescue ourselves or our situation. In these moments we understand (even if we don’t understand at all) that our only hope is Christ and Christ alone.

Matt Miller

Of course these "deeper" moments are not alway bad.  Have twins changed my a great way.  However, I would argue that I, personally, have learned more in crisis than in joy.  What say you?

Let's Pray:
Wow! - Brag on God.

Now... - Tell God about your life. 

How? - Stop talking and start listening to God by reading his Word.

Ephesians chapter 5

Proverbs chapter 11

Utmost for His Highest

Pastor Matt