Stay with "It" - Here on Purpose

Those things in life that cause you to pray.  Those things in life that cause you to seek God's face. Don't give up on them.  Trust God enough with that "thing" that you won't cease until he removes it from you.  Stay with "it".  

Too often in life we, in our own power, remove ourselves from a struggle.  We think, "This is frustrating so this must not be of God."  How do you know?  Do you read the Word of God?  Isn't it pages full of leaders who were frustrated?  Did not our Lord Jesus also find himself frustrated?  

Stay with "it" until God says you're done.

Wow! - Brag on God.

Now... - Tell God about your day.

How? - Stop talking and trust in the Word of God.

Proverbs chapter 31

Matthew chapter 26

Utmost for His Highest

Pastor Matt