Are You Half Way There? - Here on Purpose

I'll make this quick and to the point.  When you read your Bible and think,
"I need to do that."
Or, "I should implement that action into my life."
Or, "I think I should stop ____ based on what I just read."

When any of these types of thoughts enter into your mind...You are half way there.  And most people stop half way...Thinking that, "Me thinking about doing something is good is God's eyes."

Jesus said in John 14:15, "If you love me you will obey my commandments."  

Go all the way.  Don't only think...Also do.  Obedience lead to KaBoom!

Let's pray.

Wow! - Tell God why you love him.

Now... - Tell God what's on your mind.

How? - Give God the space to speak to your circumstances.
(I've been saying to God lately, "Please replace my "mind of Matt" with the "mind of Christ.")

Proverbs chapter 1

Matthew chapter 27

John chapter 17

Utmost for His Highest

Pastor Matt