Are You Drunk? - Here on Purpose

Today we will start reading from one of my favorite books in the Old Testament, the book of 1 Samuel.  As we begin you will read about Hannah, Samuel's mom.  Hannah was a believer in prayer.  Not the kind of prayer that you pray once and then move on to something else.  Hannah prayer was so emotional that a priest asked her if she was drunk.  Have you ever prayed like that?

If you've longed for something enough - then yes.
If you've been desperate for something - then yes.
If you've been hurt deeply - then yes.

Don't stop praying.  

Wow! - Brag on God.

Now... - What are you longing for?

How? - Stop talking and start listening to God speak to you by his Word.

1 Samuel chapters 1-3

Proverbs chapter 10

Utmost for His Highest

Pastor Matt