They Will Know Us - Here on Purpose

Today my heart is heavy as I pray for those who lost loved ones in Kenya.  If I'm completely honest with you...sometimes I really hate this broken world.  I hate the sin that destroys.  I hate the evil that seems too often to win.  I long for the day when my Lord Jesus Christ returns and establishes His perfect Kingdom.  Until then...They will know us by our love.  Not our hate, but by our love.  Not our shouts of outrage, but by our love.  Not by our violent acts, but by our love.  

Wow! - Brag on God for giving faith to the men and women who were brave enough to say, "Yes I am a Christian" even when it could cost them their lives.

Now... - Tell God about what's going on.  (this is tough for me...what seems so important now seems so small in light of what others have to deal with).

How? - Listen to God speak as we read his Word.

John chapter 18

Proverbs chapter 3

Utmost for His Highest

Wait for the Lord.  Be strong and take heart.  Wait for the Lord,
Pastor Matt