Parenting Proverbs - Here on Purpose

Proverbs chapter 29
29:1, “The one who stiffens his neck after numerous rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy.

There are a couple of scriptures on parenting today:   
29:15, "A rod and reproof impart wisdom, but a child who is unrestrained brings shame to his mother."  

29:17, "Discipline your child, and he will give you rest; he will bring you happiness."

(this next part is my opinion based on my understanding of what I read in the Bible)
Your child needs encouragement, but not only encouragement.  
Your child needs discipline, but not only discipline. 
The need both.  
To think only hugs will cure your child's behavior isn't found in scripture.  Actually, you read the exact opposite.  If you've been a follower of Jesus long enough you personally know that there are times when God purposefully chooses to discipline...let me explain further.

When I grew up, discipline meant one thing...Spanking.  Here's what I've learned.  You can spank your kid every day and never discipline them.  The heart of discipline is always based on love and instruction.  Do I spake my kids? Yes.  (and...I have other ways to discipline that are, at times, much more effective).  However, and this is very intentional...I never just spank.  For me that's not discipline.  For me, spanking without explaining, to my kids, why they are getting a spanking is not discipline.  This is a key question I've had to ask myself, "Am I discipling my kid to make them better or am I just angry?"  Stay calm and Discipline on.

I'll end this thought on the most famous Psalm.  Psalm 23.
Look closely at verse 4, what reassures David?
Yeah...both the shepherds rod (discipline) and staff (encouragement).
God, our good shepherd (John 10:11), uses both discipline and encouragement to teach us to follow.  We should do the same.  
Oh...And this is really important to know.  Most parents (people) are either heavy rod (discipline) or heavy staff (encouragement).   It is very rare to find the person who uses both wisely.  So...what's in your hand?  The rod or staff?  Just be aware of what's easiest for you...BUT, please don't neglect the other.  If you're married, it's common for your spouse to naturally carry the opposite. in the world can you work together?  
(okay...I'm done.  You might disagree with me...that's okay.  But I ask that your disagreement be biblically based and not opinion based.  What does God say?  What will we do?)

29:18, “When there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but the one who keeps the law, blessed is he!” 

From this scripture...what is the source of the vision?  Is the vision your are casting for your life in order with the ways of God?  If not, what will you do?

2 Corinthians 7-8

Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt