Do You Have a Hearing Problem?

There are times in life when I have a hearing problem.  During these times I find it difficult to discern what God is trying to say to me (some might say "what is God trying to teach me" and others might say "what is God's will?"). The reason I know this I find myself asking God the same question over and over. 

Here's what I understand. God has given us his Word. I believe it has the power and authority to speak into every area of life. However, although I believe this, I sometimes still have a hard time hearing from God. Maybe you do to?  If so, I would ask you to consider this process. It's what I have done. 

- List out anything that you think is keeping you from hearing God clearly.  

My list looked like this: I think I could hear if Facebook didn't have so much of my attention. I think I could hear if I didn't spend time in between appointments playing games on my phone. I think I could hear if I made major cuts to the amount of time I watch tv when I get home from work.  

Thats my list. That's where a lot of my free time has been given. I excuse it off by saying things like, "I need to chill out for a bit" or "My brain needs a break" or "I'm wiped and just want to do some mindless activity."  That's me, what about you? 

- Ask God what He thinks about your list.  

I can be really hard on myself. I like to think that I'm a pretty productive guy. But, I also think how much more productive I could be if...  Don't make excuses for your behavior but also don't guilt yourself because you enjoy watching your favorite sports team or for playing that video game. Don't allow your own thinking to rob you of fun. Ask God what he thinks....Rest in God's grace. 

- Do what God says.  

Today i removed all my game apps (my kids don't know this yet. They will be ticked but at least I won't have to charge my phone 3 times a day!). I also removed the Facebook app. I'm actually already loving the world a little bit more. I spend too much of my time shaking my head at what most people think. This isn't healthy for me...probably not healthy for you either.  

That's me. What will I do with this extra time?  I'm not gonna tell you that I will spend every spare moment in the Word. But I can tell you this. I had time this morning to write this blog.  

Have a blessed day, 

Pastor Matt