How Do You Pick Your President?

I’m hooked on our country’s current political entertainment.  I watch, I listen, and I read.  I often can’t tell if I’m observing a political debate, WWE’s Monday Night Raw, or a late night infomercial promising me free stuff if I call now.  

However, it’s really important to get beyond the sound bites and catchy slogans.  On the other side of the noise, you have a better opportunity to make an informed decision.  I’m currently an undecided voter.  Today, I was talking to my wife, Jenn, about this.  From our conversation,  I think it best to apply four filters to each candidate.  Each filter applied alone is not enough to make a wise decision.  However, when used together, I think you will be able to make an intelligent choice for President of the United States of America.  

(Please note, I do not force these four filters upon you, the staff of New City Church, or the people who call New City Church home.  These are simply the views of me and my family.  You can choose to stop reading at any time.)

My first filter, and the thing that is the most important to me is “Does this candidate confess Jesus as Lord and Savior?”  Here, we must look beyond what the candidate says and observe their life.  Jesus said you can judge a tree by its fruit.  Meaning…look at the fruit the tree produces.  Based on the fruit, you will be able to identify the tree.  I personally won't vote for the candidate who does not follow Jesus.  If, when it comes time to vote, there is no candidate who is a follower of Jesus, I will make my decision based on the remaining three filters.

My second filter is “Which candidate expresses values that are most in line with my values?"  We have to keep in mind that each candidate wants our vote.  And, because of this, we must make sure that what they say is not just pleasing to the ear, but is also reflected in their life's work.  Research your candidate.  Discover if what they say today aligns with what they have said and accomplished in the past.  

My third filter is What does their resumé look like?”  I think this is important.  What have they been responsible for?  What have they accomplished?  What have they led?  I personally don’t think the Oval Office is the place to practice your leadership skills.  

My fourth filter is “Who are their friends?”  You can tell a lot about a person by looking at who they call “friend.”  I hold to a principal that says “the direction of your friends will determine the direction of your life.”  When you discover who the candidate spends the most time with, you will see what is truly most important to that candidate.  There’s a reason your close friends are your close friends…You share a common set of values.  

I hope this will help you as you make your final decision.  I don't expect to find the perfect candidate...But I do expect to be able to answer the question “Why did you vote for _____?"

And, finally, I must say, regardless of the outcome...We are called to make disciples...To be known by our love...To seek God's Kingdom above all else...To confess Jesus is Lord…and, Pray for our President.

Pastor Matt