Get Moving

It's Wednesday so I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the major themes from this past Sunday's teaching. Remember how Jesus defined devotion? Love God and love others. Let's use those as our goal.

Let's recall the Devtoed Matrix that we used as our guide.


Where do you spend most of your time? I know we all have our moments of selfishness. But, I'm not going to spend time talking about the quadurant of Love Yourself and Love the World. Why? Only Jesus can pull you away from your self destruction. I'd rather spend our time reflecting on the quads of Spiritual Isolation and Godless Discipleship. Why? Because, this is where the church typically hangs out.

Most Christians either, Love God and struggle loving their neighbor. Or, they love their neighbor but have a really difficult time pointing the conversation or relationship towards the things of God. Where do you typically live?

If you are spiritually isolated, take a look around you. Where do you work? Where do you play? Where do you live? Where do you go to church? Ask God to open your eyes and ears so that you may see and hear what He wants you to. The worse thing you can do is get all busy doing good stuff. You'll wear yourself out and your devotion will end as quickly as it started. Start by asking God to see and hear what He wants you to see and hear. You will be surprised with what you begin to notice.


Noticing isn't the goal. Now that you have noticed what God wants you to, step into action. "God, what do you want me to do with what I see and hear?" I fully believe God will tell you. BEWARE...If God tells you HE EXPECTS YOU TO DO IT. Have faith and obey the Lord.

Some of you love the snot out of people. You even have a lot of friends who you would say aren't Christians. And, you might have experienced times when these friendships have led to you making selfish decisions. If you live here, take a look around. Who are your friends? Who seems to like you back? Ask God for courage. Not courage to hit them on the head with a Bible, but rather courage to engage in a spiritual conversation. Ask questions? Listen? Pray for them as you listen. Wait. Pray that they ask you a question.


Don't go any faster than what God allows. No one enters the Kingdom of God with a spiritual wedgie. It just doesn't work that way. Don't view these conversations as a spiritual sales job. Maybe a tactic could be for you to be the LIGHT:

Listen to them. (that means you don't talk as much as they do)
Invite them to ______. (pick something they would enjoy)
Give a blessing. (don't make them pay)
Hear from God. (what does God want you to say...yep, prayer is big part of discipleship)
Tell your story. (don't tell mine, you'll mess it up. just tell them what God is doing in your life)

Remember, it was Jesus who showed us how to live with perfect love for God and our neighbor. When all else fails, follow Jesus. He will show you. He wants to show you.

So, what are you waiting for. Get a move on. Get moving to the Fully Devoted quad.
Have a blessed day,
Pastor Matt