You Decide

On Sunday Pastor Chris shared some scripture from the Old Testament that point to the coming Messiah.  He also shared a corresponding scripture from the New Testament, written at least 400 years later, that seems to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy.  What are the odds that Jesus would fulfill ALL of them?  What are the implications for you if Jesus really did fulfill what was spoken concerning the coming Messiah?  If Jesus is who he claimed to be what affect should this have on our loyalty towards him?

You decide.  For no one can decide this for you.  Here are the scriptures that Pastor Chris used.  I hope you will use this as a study guide this week.  Blessings.

  1. Psalm 41---He was betrayed by his friend -fulfilled in Matthew 26:49
  2. Zechariah 11--The price of the Saviour will be 30 pieces of Silver-fulfilled matthew 26:15
  3. Zechariah 11- The blood money will be scattered on the floor of my temple—matthew 27:5
  4. Zechariah 11-- The money was used to buy a potters field-matthew 27:7
  5. Zechariah 13---He will be forsaken and deserted by His disciples-Mark 14:50
  6. Psalm 35---He will be accused by false witnessers-matthew 26:59-60
  7. Isaiah 53-- He will remain silent before his accusers—Matthew 27:12
  8. Isaiah 53--He will be wounded and bruised—Matthew 27:26
  9. Psalm 69---He will be Hated without cause—John 15:25
  10. Isaiah 50--He will be struck and spit upon—Matthew 26:67
  11. Isaiah 53---He will be mocked, ridiculed and rejected—Matthew 27:27-31, John 7:5 and 48
  12. Psalm 109---He will collapse from weakness—Luke 23:26
  13. Psalm 22---He will me bocked with these words. "He saves others, let Him save Himself”—Matthew 27:39-43
  14. Psalm 109---People will shake their heads in disdain towards Him—Matthew 27:39
  15. Psalm 22---People will stare at Him on the cross—Luke 23:35
  16. Isaiah 53---He will be executed among sinners—Matthew 27:38
  17. Psalm 22---His hands and feet will be pierced—Luke 23:33
  18. Isaiah 53---He will pray for His persecutors—Luke 23:24
  19. Psalm 38---His friends and Family will stand from afar and watch—Luke 23:49
  20. Psalm 22---His garments will be divided and they will cast lots for His Clothes—John 19:23-24
  21. Psalm 69---He will cry out that He thirsts and will be given gall and vinegar—John 19:28
  22. Psalm 31---He will commit His spirit to God—Luke 23:46
  23. Psalm 34---His bones will be left unbroken—John 19:33
  24. Psalm 22---His heart will rupture—John 19:34
  25. Zechariah 12--His side will be pierced—John 19:34
  26. Amos 8---Darkness will cover the land in the middle of the day-Matthew 27:45
  27. Isaiah 53---He will be buried in a rich mans tomb—Matthew 27:57-60
  28. Daniel 9---The Annointed One will die 483 years from the day Artaxerxes declared the rebuilding of the temple in 444BC—Go get a calendar
  29. Psalm 16: He will be rasied from the dead —Acts 2:31
  30. Psalm 68: He will ascend into heaven—Acts 1:9
  31. Psalm 110: He will be seated at the right hand of God clothed with power and majesty—Hebrew 1:3