Watch - Choose - Vote

Watch - Choose - Vote.

Let me process this with you in reverse.

Vote - There are many Christians who say they will not cast a vote for President.  I have thought about this and I don't agree with this posture.  Here are some thoughts that have led to me choosing to cast a vote in November.  Maybe these will help you as you also process your decision. 

I'm not excited about either candidate but I have an awesome privilege as an American citizen to participate.  Maybe you've read this quote from Thomas Jefferson, "We in America do not have government by the majority.  We have government by the majority who participate."  You have a vote.  You have a voice.  I don't think the reasoning of "I don't like either canidate" can be your primary reason for not voting.  It may be a silly comparison but...What about Jury Duty.  Who likes that?  But we do it because it's our privilege as an American citizen.  Taxes?  Who wants to pay those?  Answer.  No one.  But we do.  Why?  Because it's a privilege to be a part of the whole.  Will you also choose not to pray for your president?  I get it.  It's a very challenging decision this election year.  That is why it is important that you choose wisely.

Choose - If you choose to vote, you probably already know who you will vote for.  But, to use some New City Church language, make sure you vote on purpose.  Voting on purpose simply means you understand the key issues, as a Christian you understand what the Bible has to say or understand the Biblical principal that applies to said issue, you understand your stance/belief, and then vote with the canidate you feel will best represent what you hold has important.

Here are some of the key issues:
 Appointment of Supreme Court Judges - the next president will select judges who will make and interpret laws that will help shape our countries future.

National Security - much of this has to do with borders, citizenship, undocumented immigrants, and refugees.

Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) - either you're for it or against it.  Not much in the middle on this one.

2nd Amendment, Right to bear arms - there are a variety of opinions on what's best for gun ownership and/or gun control.

National Debt - how the USA will become fiscally responsible.

Education - in a nut shell: who should set curriculum and for or against Comman Core.

Israel - which president will build and maintain the strongest relationship with Israel.

What is your belief on these issues?  Do your beliefs align with God's Word?  If not, if you and God disagree, who wins?   These are important questions to consider.  After you make your decision, you need to watch the debate tonight.

 Watch - Watch the debate.  Listen to how each canidate answers the questions.  Which communicates the values that mostly align with what you hold to be most important.  Listen...You're probably not going to like either canidate.  But, one of these two leaders will be our next president...Like it or not.  You have a voice.

So, tonight, live on CNN you can Watch, Choose, and then Vote in November.
Praying for our great country,
Pastor Matt