A Godly Gadget

When I was 19 I was promoted to manager at a fast food restaurant that I worked in.  With my promotion came a generous raise.  So of course I began to save the extra money I was being paid so that I could pay for my college.  NOT, I went and bought a brand new GMC pickup truck.  I really did, that raise went to a new truck payment.  I enjoyed that truck.  One safety feature it had was a gadget that would shut the engine off when it hit a specific speed.  The speed on my truck was 99mph.  I know, because I shut it down many times.  Like I said, I really enjoyed that truck.  Looking back on my early 20's, I'm confident that gadget kept me out of danger...I'm confident that if not for that safety feature I would have pushed my truck to the limit.  

This is often true in our finances.  Even for those of us who are faithful to the tithe.  It's easy to assume that God wants my 10%, but the rest is mine to do with as I please.  But, was this is a bad assumption?  What if God had the ability to install a "gadget" that would shut down my spending...Something that would keep me out of financial danger, something that would not allow me to push my spending to the limit?  

Take a look at this question from our Journey of Generosity.  How might God want to grow you within your whole-life generosity?  As you read, also reflect.  What is God saying?  What will you do about it?

"Am I striving to use my income, influence, and privileges as God directs?  Or am I assuming I know what He's asking me for (10% giving) and I can use the rest as I choose?" - Journey of Generosity