Mission Update - Laos

New City currently supports 12 church plant leaders in the country of Laos who are working to reach the Khmu people group.  Here is the latest report that we have received from our missionary friends.  

Seminar Report from March to April, 2017

            March 30th-31st, was a KCC meeting at a house church where 27 leaders came from 4 provinces. They paid for themselves, and one leader donated one pig that belong to him. The pig was able to cover 4-5 meals during the meeting. It helped a lot. This meeting was a new idea that never had in the past. They all see the need to be self-sustainable economically which is based on agriculture. Therefore they started collecting each person 20,000 kip per month (2.50 USD), appointed 2 men to be responsible for the funds. The money will be used for 3 things:

1.     For evangelism and visitation

2.     For the team members to borrow to do agriculture, especially to purchase pigs, goat, and other livestock

3.     For sickness and urgent needs

They started fight on that day, and collected 470,000 kip (57 USD). It is a good project to start, and we plan to try to start this in other provinces where we have our other leaders staying.

One of leaders also setup 2 strong cell groups. One group has 13 of our key KCC leaders. This leader has already took a team to visit three villages, and was able to lead 70 people to Christ! This leaders name is Sai. Sai got married in November, 2016. His wife and he both graduated from Bible school in Chiang Mai. He borrowed about 300 USD 6-7 years ago to purchase 2 cows. Now they have multiplied up to 11. He sold one cow and tithed all the money to the church. In February, KCC was able to let him and his cell group of 4 people to borrow 67,000 baht (1,950 USD). All of the people in Sai’s cell group are strong leaders, faithful to the Lord, and responsible financially. They also do a lot of evangelism and have started many house churches. They divided the loan evenly, and promised to pay back KCC in 3 years without interest. If any of their livestock dies, they will pay for it also, and promise to tithe back to the church. Please pray for this wonderful project!  

Sai was able to lead 10 house churches/churches to join together, 16 leaders. After the meeting was over, the team and Sai went to evangelize to other various villages, and was able to lead 40 people to Christ. Once again, Sai’s team was able to collect 20,000 kip per month to use the money for travel cost to do evangelism, and visitation in various villages.

On April 5-11, 2017, 9 of our KCC team went to setup 2 inside seminars at 2 house churches. In total, 200 people attended, and 28 people baptized. On April 7-10, was another seminar, where 100 people attended, and 20 people were baptized.