Missionary Monday - Thailand

Dear prayer friends,

We want to update about the 6 people in prison. Thank the Lord that they have been released on Jan. 31st. All were fined for a total of 3,000 USD. All 6 of them have now been reunited with their families. Thank you for your prayers!

We will have a key leader meeting from Feb. 7th-9th to plan for 2018. Close to 20 leaders will come to discuss many issues. Then we will have our yearly medical mission near the border. We need your prayers for our medical doctors, evangelist to share to Christ who are coming, and for the people to cross. Last year we had close to 1,100 people within a week and now we think 300 people might come in one day. Please pray for this as it can get stressful. Last year was very overwhelming, and stressful. We do not have to have this happen again.



*Name and location have been changed for their protection.