Generosity Story- Alyssa Leckliter's Story

When the 90 day tithe challenge was first presented, I was not interested at all. We had not been tithing to the church, but had been giving different amounts to a local food pantry where I volunteer. I always assumed the number added up to 10%. While we are not in any financial trouble, these past two years we have not been as comfortable as we once were and it had been weighing on me. The stress and anxiety would cause me to lose sleep at night worrying about "what if" and trying to pay off car loans, etc. I was not interested in giving more of "my" money to a church, even one we had chosen as our home for the past 3 years. We have experienced many church heartaches and betrayals in our young lives, so I was giving outside to an organization I fully know. Summary:, I was anxious and still didn't fully trust New City with "my" money.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Matt shared what New City was able to accomplish this year because of God's blessings and I was amazed. Each ministry pulled on my heart strings. When I heard that New City had helped start New Life Church in Belton, I was so excited. Our good friends had been very active in that church plant. Story after story pulled at my heart and it was the next week that I heard God say "it's time to let go". I was terrified, but obeyed. 

First thing I noticed was that I was sleeping better (as much as a pregnant woman can). Next, were awesome financial blessings. Cameron has been working as a contractor for his company for almost 5 years. Long story short, after considering another company, Cameron's current company decided they wanted to keep him and offered a $5 an hour raise. Praise the Lord! 

The same current company used to give Christmas bonuses, but had not the previous year and I assumed that they would not this year (especially after that amazing raise), but they ended up giving us half of his monthly paycheck as a bonus. Praise the Lord! At the company Christmas party,  they blessed each guest with a $50 target gift card (even our daughter Adelaide). Praise the Lord!

While these things were all amazing blessings, I think the one that topped it all off was my attitude towards it all. Each blessing we received made me excited to find new ways to give away more to families or missionaries in need.

I am so grateful that I listened to God's call, stepped out in obedience, let go of fear, and truly trusted God with His money.

God Bless,

Alyssa Leckliter