Generosity Story - Jamie Eberra’s Story

The sermon on living in YOUR budget really rocked me. Our budget is not the one we (my husband and I) WANT to live in or realistically have been living in, but it’s the budget that we are blessed with and the budget that very tightly lets me work at home until our youngest is school aged and I can go back to work.

As I think about things I have bought that we could have gone without, releasing it was actually very freeing and has brought a lot of peace. Saying “not this time” to my friends' Mary Kay and Pampered Chef parties that I enjoy actually felt like a burden being lifted knowing I don’t have to try to find money for that out of the sky. It has not been an easy challenge thus far and we have not had any extra, but my husband told me a story of his work day that consisted of many times hearing God say and show us “I’ve got this.”

On a very financially tight day, just before the next payday, God showed my husband to trust in Him and He provided just what my husband needed to get through his work day and even just enough for a small treat that my husband recognized as a blessing. We have grown and learned so much in this challenge and know that this is a season that our Lord will bring us through with our faithfulness. Lord willing, our situation will change, our littles will get big and I will go back to work when my Father says it is time, but through it all the Word stays the same, therefore , we are now a tithing family, living in our budget.

-Jamie Eberra