Missionary Monday - Thailand

Medical Mission Ministry Report 

On February 7th-9th, 2018 was our KCC team meeting, where 20 of our key leaders attended. It was a very good time to fellowship together, have Bible study, and held worship service in the evening. We heard great reports from various provincial leaders, how the Lord is moving in their region, and many discussions and plans for 2018. From January to February 2018, 5-6 new house churches have been established. We held our meeting at a K* church. In the evening all of the membership came and joined us for good meals, and worship the Lord together. There is no other joy than to meet my team, as I love them with all my heart. They are so precious to me! 

On February 9th in the afternoon, we went to Chiang Sean district to meet our medical team from the States led by Dr. Helen, the Circle of Love Foundation. On February 10th, we started our first clinic, and there were some OMF Missionaries that came to help us translate in the dental department, for the doctors, and help count pills. From the Feb. 10th -12th these were the people group that we saw: LaoLue, ThaiDam, Iumien, Hakha and Khmu. 

In Chiang Sean, we held our clinic at a Buddhist temple. We were invited by the head of the village. 2 police officers came and checked on our clinic on the 11th. By the grace of God everything was well, and no problem occurred. The police asked me who are those checking the people. I answered “they are American medical doctors.” He also asked me again, “Are they real doctors?” I replied, “Yes, they are real doctors. They even brought their medical certificates with them.” I told them that they can also get a free medical check-up if they want too also. The police told me that those doctors look retired, and doing a good deed to help unfortunate people. I answered him, “They come every year. All the medicine, glasses, dental equipment are paid by the doctors. They also treat both Thai and Laotian that are in need of medical help.” I offered to them if they needed any reading glasses or sun glasses. One of the officers took up the offer and took one reading glasses. They then saluted us and took their leave. Praise the Lord! 

On February 13th-15th, we moved our clinic at Huay Jor at another K* church. The 14th was the hardest day as more than 400 people came from Laos. There were many widows and women that came. The reason is because they cannot come to the leader’s seminar when we have it at this church. So when the opportunity comes, especially to come see me, they come as soon as they can. They are faithful listeners to the FEBC K* program. Many came to talk to me personally, and asked for radios/batteries. I met their needs and they were so excited for the radios! 

On the last day of the clinic, the 15th, I met one man who was interested in wanting to know about Jesus. I took him to the back of the church building and started talk to him about Jesus. My voice was so loud that it reached to those who were waiting to see the doctors. Then more than 30 people came to listen. They were excited, as well as I. I thought this is a great opportunity to lead 30 people to Jesus from talking to this man. I began evangelizing and using the Heart Diagram. After I finished my messages on the Heart Diagram pictures, I asked if there was anyone that wanted to accept Christ, please raise their hand. No one raised their hand. I was surprised at first but then they all replied that they are all Christians. They were so excited to just listen to me share about the Bible because always hear me on the air, but not in real life. I spent one hour with all my energy to share the basic Christian faith hoping to lead them to Jesus, but at the end all of them were are already Christians! This brought some humor to me. 

At opportunity came, during the same day, as many people were standing in the door of the church trying to get inside the church. Yet, one man blocked the people to let anyone go into the church until their names were called to see the doctors. I thought that this was a good opportunity to share the Gospel to them. I stood at the door and spoke to them about Jesus for 3 minutes. Thank the Lord 6 people accepted Christ! 

I want to express our appreciation, and gratitude to the medical team from the U.S. led by Doctor Helen Laib, her husband doctor Dave, Dr. John, and their daughter, Dr. Amy. Also Dr. John, his wife, and their son also, Dr. Jonathan. I want to thank the dental department, and the 2 pharmacists, and other team members that have come faithfully every year. Everyone was working hard, taking the sacrifice out of their time to come to treat people who need help physically and spiritually. They are not looked down upon but instead being touched, prayed for, and talk to the patients with gentle and loving hands. We have been doing this for 20 years. Is this not wonderful?! (Matthew 25:34-46) Throughout the 6 days, 1426 patients were seen, and 171 people accepted Christ. 

The Circle of Love has not only been doing the medical missions with KCC for 20 years, but also having a wonderful project of helping 374 widows, and more than 27 university students have been receiving education scholarships, and micro-loans for pastors. Thank you for this wonderful partnership and the prayers!